SAJJAD Hussain Sajjad

Postdoctoral research scientist

  Laboratoire image ville environnement
  Faculté de géographie et d'aménagement
  3 rue de l'Argonne - 67000 STRASBOURG
  Bureau 306

  Tél : +33 3 68 85 09 47

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Research interest

  • Urban heat island

  • Extreme weather events

  • Sustainable urban environment

  • Urban ecology

  • Urban landuse / landcover changes and impacts

  • Regional and local climate changes

  • Climate impact assessment

  • Vulnerability, resilience, adaptation to climate change

  • Climate hazards’ impact assessment

Publications of research articles in scientific journals

Articles dans revues avec comité de lectur

Basit, M, Sajjad S.H., Khan M.I., Ali A, Kurshid S.K. (2018) Spatio-Temporal Trends of Urban Population in Pakistan. Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, 6(8): 21-26.

Sajjad, S.H., Munir, A., Shirazi, S.H., Qadri, S.M.T. (2017) Impact of urban heat wave of 2015 on mortality rate in Karachi – Pakistan. (Submitted in IJCCSM).

Mehmood, H., Sajjad, S.H., Shirazi, S.A (2017) Spatio-temporal trends and patterns of urban sprawl in Gujranwala city, Punjab – Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Science, Vol. 69(1): 63-68.

Qadri, S.M.T, Md. Aminul Islam, M.R. Shalaby, Khaista Rehman Khattak and S.H.Sajjad (2017) Characterizing Site Response in the Attock Basin, Pakistan using Micrometer Measurement Analysis. Arabian Journal of Geosciences Arab J Geosci (2017) 10:267, DOI 10.1007/s12517-017-3057-2.

Shakrullah, K., S. A. Shirazi, S.H. Sajjad (2015) Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Land Cover Changes of Dhaka City in Bangladesh. Pakistan Journal of Science, 67(4): 413-418.

Sajjad, S.H., Batool, R., Qadri, S.M.T., Shirazi, S. A., Shakrullah, K. (2015). The long-term variability in minimum and maximum temperature trends and heat island of Lahore city, Pakistan. Sci. Int., 27(2): 1321 – 1325.

Sajjad, S.H., Hussain, S., Shirazi, S. A., Shakrullah, K., Shahzad, K., Batool, R., Qadri, S.M.T. (2015). Spatial variability of urban heat island of Sargodha city. Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences, 11: 278 – 285.

Sajjad, S.H., Blond, N., Batool, R., Shirazi, S.A., Shakrullah, K & Bhalli, M.N. (2015) Study of Urban Heat Island of Karachi by Using Finite Volume Mesoscale Model. Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences, 11: 101 – 105.

Qadri, S.M.T., Sajjad, S.H., Sheikh, R.A., Rehman, K., Rafi, Z., Nawaz, Bushra & Haider, W. (2015) Ambient noise measurements in Rawalpindi-Islamabad, twin cities: a step towards site response analysis to mitigate impact of natural hazard. Natural Hazards, 78(2): 1111-1123.

Qadri, S.M.T., Nawaz, B., Sajjad, S.H., Sheikh, R.A (2015) Ambient noise H/V spectral ratio in site effects estimation in Fateh Jang area. Earthquake Science, 28(1): 87–95.

Sajjad, S.H., Hussain, S., Shirazi, S. A., Shakrullah, K., Batool, R., Saeed, B. (2015) Impact of urban evolution on land-use change of Sargodha city. Journal of Science & Technology, 39(2): 29-36.

Sajjad, S.H., Waheed S. A., Khan T., Qadri S.M.T., Gilani N. (2014). Natural Hazards and Related Contents in Curriculum of Geography. Asian Journal of Natural & Applied Sciences, 3(2): 40–48.

Sajjad, S.H., Blond N, Clapier A, Raza A, Shirazi S.A, Shakrullah K (2010). The preliminary study of urbanization, fossil fuels consumption and CO2 emission in Karachi. African Journal of Biotechnology, 9(13): 1941–1948.

Sajjad, S.H., Hussain B, Khan M.A, Raza A, Zaman B, Ahmed I (2009). On rising temperature trends of Karachi in Pakistan. Climatic Change, 96(4): 539–547.

Sajjad, S.H., Shirazi S.A, Khan M.A, Raza A (2009). Urbanization effects on temperature trends of Lahore during 1950-2007. Int. J. of Climate Change Strategies and Management, 1(3): 274–281.

Oral communications in international conferences

Sajjad S.H (2016) Impact of landuse change on development of urban heat island. 3rd International Conference on Global Environmental Changes. 21-22 March 2016 at Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Sajjad, S.H., Blond, N., Clappier, A. (2015) Analysis of urban, town and rural areas temperature of Pakistan. 24-29 July, 2015. Toulous, France.

Sajjad S.H (2014) Use of Finite Volume Mesoscale (FVM) Model to Study Urban Heat Island of Karachi. ICERE2014. International Conference on Environment and Renewable Energy. From 7-8 May 2014, Paris, France.

Quenault B, N. Blond, S.H. Sajjad, P. Pigeon (2013) Vulnerability and adaptation of urban Areas to global changes: a systemic Interdisciplinary approach to Understand cities trajectories towards resilience. 10th International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics. Reims-Brussels-Lille 2013, June 17-21. pp. 24.

Quenault B, N. Blond, S. H. Sajjad, P. Pigeon (2013) Cities Confronted with Climate Change: How to Break the Infernal Loop of their Coevolution to Avoid Future Disasters? First International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP) Panel “Risks and Crisis Management: A New Cause For the Policy Makers?”, Grenoble – France, 26-28 June 2013.

Sajjad S.H, Blond N, Clappier A (2013) A comparative analysis of the change in temperature on urban, town and rural areas. International Conference on urban climate and history of meteorology. From 25 to 26 February 2013, Florence – Italy.

Sajjad S.H, Blond N, Clappier A (2012) Urban size and land-use change effect on urban heat island. 8th International Conference on Urban Climate – ICUC8 and 10th Symposium on the Urban Environment. From 6 – 10 August 2012, Dublin – Ireland

Blond N, Kohler M, Mauree D, Sajjad S.H, Clappier A (2012) Development of a new canopy model to improve urban meteorology modeling. European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2012. From 22 – 27 April 2012, Vienna – Austria

Sajjad S.H, Blond N, Clappier (2011) Observed temperature changes of Quetta City, Pakistan from 1961-2006. Pakistan Urban Forum. From on 01 – 05 March 2011, Lahore – Pakistan

Sajjad S.H, Khan M.A, Raza A (2007) Urbanization and temperature trends of Karachi in Pakistan. 3rd International Conference on Urbanization, Agriculture and Environment. From 04 – 07 November, 2007, Munõz – Philippines

Sajjad S.H, Khan M.A, Raza, A (2007) Prevailing drought conditions in Sind and Balochistan provinces of Pakistan. 9th Asian Urbanization Conference. From on 18 – 23 August 2007, Kangwon-do National University, Chuncheon, South Korea.

Professional experience

June 2018 to continue:      Postdoctoral research Scientist at Laboratoire Image Ville Environnement, CNRS, Université de Strasbourg – France

Oct. 2017 to April 2018:     Formabilis training and interpretation, Nancy – France

Aug. 2013 to May 2016:     Assistant Professor of Geography at Department of Earth Sciences, University of Sargodha, Pakistan

Sept. 2009 to April 2013:   PhD research fellow at at Laboratoire Image Ville Environnement, CNRS, Université de Strasbourg – France


Additional services/experience

Feb. 2012 to March 2013:  Service administrative, Service Alumni, Université de Strasbourg – France

Aug. 2012:                           Research specialist, Centre Interdisciplinaire d’Analyse des Processus Humains et Sociaux. Université Rennes 2, Rennes – France.

Oct. 2011 to Jan. 2012:      Service International for foreign students, Université de Strasbourg – France

Jan. 2011 to June 2011:    Tutor of Geography, Faculty of Géographie, Université de Strasbourg