Grey and green infrastructure in urban areas based on Pléiades image analysis combined with existing vector database


Authors: S. Rougier, J. Nabucet, A. Thomas, E. Hanson, E. Wolff, L. Hubert-Moy, A. Puissant

Today, a very high pressure is applied on peri-urban areas by residential buildings while at the same time the aspiration of the population to more green space in the city has never been so strong. Identification and monitoring of urban fabric and preservation of existing ecosystems have become major issues to maintain or increase biodiversity in areas under urban influence in most of European cities. While many studies have shown the interest of using optical remotely sensed data for that purpose, a consolidated and reproducible methodological framework was still missing.

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Presented at Pléiades Days 2014 (1-3 April 2014)