Nature Conservation


The context of the Water Framework Directive (2000) imposes an obligation of results: the achievement of good ecological status for the conservation or restoration of hydrosystems in the short and medium term. Managers expect tools to identify deviations from a reference, to estimate the resilience capacity of hydrosystems, to define and prioritize conservation or restoration actions and finally to evaluate changes (and their sustainability) due to the actions carried out. However, neither the current biological and geomorphological indicators, nor the global evaluation mode, which is roughly summarized as a superposition of independent evaluations of the different compartments, meet these expectations. A strong expectation of our work is therefore the development of monitoring indicators that are both effective and relatively easy to implement by managers.

National Natural Reserves

Several national nature reserves are monitored by the team: the Île-du-Rohrschollen, the Île de Rhinau, the Erstein forest, the Offendorf forest or the Sauer Delta. Pre- and post-restoration monitoring is carried out as well as naturalist inventories (invertebrates and macrophytes).


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