Collaborations with other laboratories

Team members benefit from close collaborations with laboratories in Strasbourg:

  • ICUBE (1D and 2D hydraulic modelling; modelling of coarse solid transport in rivers and erosion/deposits; fine topographic monitoring by photogrammetry and classical topometry (total station), 3D modelling of restored river sections)
  • GESTE (actors, environmental economics, ecosystem services, perception)
  • LHYGES (geochemical and microbiological studies and modelling of aquifers and groundwater-river exchanges within the framework of the Rohrschollen observatory), IPHC (study of the reintroduction of the cistude turtle in the Woerr gravel pit)

In addition, there are collaborations with national laboratories (UMR LIEC Nancy-Metz, UMR TETIS Montpellier, UMR EVS Lyon, UMR LECA Grenoble, UMR LEHNA Lyon, UMR IMBE Aix-Marseille, CRESAT, Mulhouse) and foreign laboratories (Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Institute of Physical Geography, Freiburg; KIT AuenInstitut Rastatt-Karlsruhe, Trent University Canada...). Links with private companies will also be developed, such as with AQUABIO (Nadia Fernandez's CIFRE grant), the engineering firm SINBIO or the company SPYGEN.

Partnerships with managers

The research of this axis often has an applied dimension. The formulation of indicators, the use of prospective methods and the construction of management scenarios show a particular attention given to the transmission of scientific results to the managers of the territory, with a will of decision support (elaboration of technical itineraries) and evaluation of the public action.

Team members benefit from important partnerships with most of the actors of the management of aquatic environments, such as the Rhine-Meuse Water Agency, the National Office of Water and Aquatic Environments, the Water Observatory in Alsace, the City of Strasbourg, EDF (CIH of Bourget-du-Lac), the Departmental Council of the Bas-Rhin, the Conservatoire des Sites Alsaciens, the Grand Est Region, the Departmental Council of the Haut-Rhin.