Restoration of the environments


The team is involved in large-scale projects in environmental restoration:

  • the restoration of an arm of the Rhine in the Rohrschollen Nature Reserve in the framework of a European LIFE+ program
  • Experimental restoration of aquatic ecosystems on the Woerr site, which is a protected alluvial natural area in northeastern Alsace (CNRS SEEG site) - EMYS-R
  • EDF pilot projects of gravel augmentation and controlled erosion in the Old Rhine (respectively in Kembs and Ottmarsheim)

The Rhine and its natural residual part - interdisciplinary approach

Concerning the Old Rhine, all the results of the ongoing geomorphological monitoring underline the need to widen the Old Rhine downstream of gravel augmentations. This confirms some results already obtained during the INTERREG project Redynamisation of the Old Rhine completed in 2012. The LIVE is positioned to co-pilot with the managers (Grand Est Region, DREAL, Rhine-Meuse Water Agency...) an ambitious restoration program, of INTERREG type, aiming at widening the Old Rhine on its left bank and at carrying out sedimentary recharges upstream from these widening sites. Within this framework, the members of the theme will guide the managers in their choices, in particular by modelling, and will carry out interdisciplinary monitoring.

On a larger scale, we are developing a project for a cross-border observatory of the restoration of the Upper Rhine and for feedback on the restorations carried out (ENGEES funding). A database of more than 140 restoration actions has already been developed. The objective is 1. to capitalize on restoration and monitoring experiences so that the restorations carried out and those to come are as effective and sustainable as possible and 2. to create a permanent network of actors (managers, engineering firms, private companies, scientists) in the restoration of the Upper Rhine. The further development of this cross-border observatory is a clear objective of the theme.


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